frequently asked questions

If you can't find an appropriate answer below, please check our social media channels (e.g. Discord) where you can reach out to us easily 😉


What is this all about?

Everyone who plays video games frequently and for long periods of time is exposed to certain physiological and psychological risks. We try to assess and mitigate the effects of these risks with our platform by explaining or providing appropriate measures to our users.

Be aware that this is still a beta and changes are likely. We might reset or shut down the platform temporary or permanently at any time!

Which games are supported?

Since the data from the games that we can collect and need to analyze varies greatly. Therefore, we only support Valorant (for now) during the beta. However, we plan to integrate other games as soon as possible.

I like the idea. Is there a way to support you?

We are still at the very beginning and have many ideas how we can make things better. Accordingly, helping hands are very welcome. But, we also have to keep an eye on an appropriate infrastructure. So, we recommend to check our social media channels (e.g. Discord) regularly where we will inform you about any job opportunities.

Certainly, it helps us a lot if you subscribe or treat us a coffee ☕, but only if you can really afford it.

By the way, another great way to support us is to help us grow our community. We welcome praise and criticism as well as recommendations. Feel free to try out our platform and please report any bugs 🪲 you find.

Is this free?

Yes and no, depending who you ask. There is a free membership for our users, but we have to pay a lot of things (e.g., rents, salaries, servers, fees). So, we really appreciate it if you subscribe and/or turn your ad blocker off for our services, when you got some money to spare. 🤝 This would help us a lot!

Is this safe?

The use of any technology contains a certain amount of risk. Hence, there is never a full security guarantee. Of course, we constantly strive to improve security by reviewing our security measures and updating them when necessary. In addition, we are registered with the game producers and strictly adhere to their rules and guidelines. So, we do not expect your accounts to be endangered.

Anyway, you should use strong passwords everywhere. We explain below what makes a password strong and how to generate it.

Can I use your services in another language?

Unfortunately this does not work yet. We are working on translations though.

Please keep in mind that English is not our native language either and that it takes already a lot of effort to provide our offers in one language.


I don't receive any email.

First, please check your spam folder. Some email providers may block our emails before you even notice it. Second, if you assume that our emails are blocked, please contact us (e.g. via Discord) and provide some details (e.g. your email provider and what you were trying to do on our platform) so we can have a closer look what's going on.

I lost my password.

If you forgot your password, please use the built-in function to reset it.

For security, we can not reset your password by ourselves.

What's a good password?

According to a publication of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) a password should consist of at least 8 characters. Length is more important than complexity.

Nevertheless, we advise you to use either short, complex passwords or very long passwords. Short and complex password should have not less than 8 characters, including a number, a lower- and uppercase letter and a special character. Long passwords should have at least 20 characters of any type. Avoid easy guessable combinations like 12345678 or Abcdefgh.

Nowadays many browsers can automatically create secure passwords for you. Another good way to create and manage passwords is to use a password manager software like KeePass which is free, open source and can generate secure passwords for you.

Why do I need to provide personal data?

We try to keep the provision of personal data as low as possible. However, we require certain information for some of our services due to legal reasons.

What do you need subscriptions for?

In order to realize our idea(s) and ensure high quality, we need the support of experts, whom we have to pay. In addition, there are further operating costs (e.g. rental costs, license fees, server, insurances, ...). We try to keep the costs for you as low as possible by refinancing as much as we can by advertisements and partnerships. However, supporting us with a subscription helps us the most, especially long term.

Why are your subscriptions so expensive?

Are they? 🤔 Please keep in mind that we can only realize this platform with IT experts and healthcare specialists. If you really need their help (e.g., a treatment or consultation) and have to pay for it yourself, you quickly have to pay ten times the price for a single session, treatment or consultation. We think it is better that many pay a lower amount regularly and help each other to stay healthy instead of getting sick and paying high treatment costs solely, but of course this is just our (biased) opinion. Naturally, we also incur other general operating costs.

In summary, we try very hard to keep the costs for you as low as possible. To our minds, the prices we charge are absolutely justified for the above reasons.

e.g. yourmail@example.com
e.g. yourmail@example.com the password you have set
e.g. yourmail@example.com at least 8 characters